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Weighing, ie the even distribution of weight on each wheel, ensures that it does not vibrate during sifting (sifting effect on the steering wheel).

Balancing is required after each tire change or repair.

We weigh the wheel using a roller and the Straight Trak function for a quality result or on the car with portable balancing. You can also find in our garage a special weighing machine for buses, trucks and motorcycles.

Caution! If many large counterweights are required when fitting new or used tires, there might be a problem of unevenness.


The indicated angles play a significant role in the safe driving of the car, as well as in our pocket.

Improperly aligned wheels affect grip and reduce tire life.

The diagnosis is easy because the car “pulls” left or right while also takes the turns in a different way than it would normally. With an incorrect alignment, the tires wear out unevenly and the heat that develops during rolling does not diffuse evenly on their surface, resulting in a dramatic reduction in their life. Water slippage also occurs.

How often do you need a tire alignment? The check and alignment of the wheels needs to be done every 15,000 km or once a year. Moreover, during the inspection, any other damages (scissors, tip bars, etc.) will be revealed.


A tire losing air should be inspected immediately by a specialist, not only for your safety but also because when driving with a flat tire, even at a short distance, it can be damaged.

With high-quality materials, suitable equipment and our experience, we are able to repair your tires with absolute success. From a scooter or a small car to trucks and agricultural machinery.


All drivers will some time have to deal with a flat tire, which, in fact, in northern Greece has a very special name, “fouit”.

Contact us for immediate placement of spare tire or air supplement until returning to our garage for repair.


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